9 Best Dutch Braid Hairstyles You’ll Ever See

Dutch Braided Hairstyle

Dutch Braided Hairstyle

Dutch braided hairstyle is rocking nowadays! I already wrote an article about how to be creative with different hairstyles (“7 Goegeous Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair”), and one that presents a floral braided hairstyle, great for wearing it on spring time (“Chic Braided Hairstyle for This Spring”).

But I want to focus more on a special type of braiding: Dutch Braid. I consider it to be the most elegant and beautiful of all. We all know how to make a French Braid, but this one is more unique. It’s almost a reserve French hairstyle, which with a little effort can be transformed into a magnificent hairdo.

If you are not familiar with it, you can find here a tutorial about how to do a Dutch Braid.

Side Dutch Braid

Side Dutch Braid

Basic Dutch Braid Five strand dutch

Basic Dutch Braid – Five strand dutch

Dutch braids with zigzag part + heatless waves

Dutch braids with zigzag part + heatless waves

Dutch Braid Bun

Dutch Braid Bun

Diagonal dutch Bow Braid

Diagonal Bow Braid

Double Dutch Braid Updo

Double Dutch Braid Updo

2 dutch pancake braids

2 dutch pancake braids

Inverted Fishtail Hawk

Inverted Fishtail Hawk

Best Nail Polish Colors For This Summer

Best Nail Polish Colors

Burgundy Nail Polish

Choosing the best nail polish colors can be extremely difficult if you are peaky and want to impress everybody with your always fresh and vivid attitude and style. Because you are a fashionista girl, your nails are impeccable for sure, waiting for new unique and surprising nail polish colors.

These two purple colors are extremely feminine and rare, which makes them a very good choice for this summer. If you are talented, you can add some art design too, but simple is perfect enough… in my opinion.

Choose the color that fits you the most and let your personality speak for itself. Anything that matches your way of being is perfect for you. This is the only thing you should keep in mind.


Light Purple Nail Polish

Extremely sexy dress for special occasions

Woman wearing a long sexy dress

Sexy dress worn at very special occasions.

I am sure that only very confident women would wear this gorgeous sexy dress. For me, it’s hard to take my eyes from it. I try to imagine where I can wear it and not blush, because everybody would admire my body and probably attitude. A club or a party, but it certainly is more appropriate for the red carpet, as many celebrities have shown us this year, almost naked is the new trend.

However, if you look at it from the point of elegance and fashion, it has it all. The soft material, the body shaped form, all of them combined with a backless style and the foot sight create the ultimate sexiness.

Amazing Black Leather Dress

Woman wearing a Black Leather Dress

Woman Wearing A Sexy Leather Dress

How to really impress a man? Wear a black leather dress. You’ll wake up every fantasy of his, even without your intention.

Leather is and has always been very sexy and sensual, and women knew how to take advantage of it. Even with a faux leather dress, they could get almost the same effect… and not only on men, because other women know how to appreciate too when they see something that looks smoking hot.

Have some courage and try a sexy leather dress. You’ll not regret it.

4 Ways To Wear Tutu Skirts For Women

4 ways to wear tutu skirts for women

4 ways to wear tutu skirts for women

Tutu skirts are majestic. I feel that I have the grace of a ballerina every time I decide to wear one. They go really well with simple tops, so that they remain the center of attention.

Plus, adult tutu skirts are elegant enough to make our entire appearance look amazing and fresh. Heels are mandatory with this kind of outfit, of course. It’s up to you if you want to add some jewellery, but simple is always better with tutus.

♥ We Love Chanel Perfumes ♥

Chanel perfumes - No 5 and Mademoiselle

Chanel perfumes – No3, No 5, and Mademoiselle

It’s impossible not to love Chanel perfumes. They are the definition of classiness and style at their best. Chanel no 5 is the most known perfume of all times, being loved and promoted even by Marilyn Monroe.

My favorite is Chanel Mademoiselle because it’s more delicate and more appropriate for young women.

If you ever wondered where is best to put perfume, it’s better to ask yourself first where would you want to be kissed.

How To Wear Denim Shorts

multiple ways of wearing short pants

How to wear denim shorts

Summer short shorts are extremely sexy and a must in every girl’s wardrobe. If you wear them with heels, then you’ll make men turn their head on the street for sure.

They can be elegant and sporty in the same time, making you look stunning but effortless. Ladies shorts emphasize your legs to make sure they are beautiful and tanned.

White jeans are somehow special because they give you that comfortable feeling while looking elegant too. Not to mention that they match with everything. Add a great bag and a statement silver necklace and your look is complete.

Blonde Girls Love Bold Colors

a blonde woman dresses in a red dress and in a blue dress

Blonde girls love bold colors

The hair of blonde girls matches very well with strong colors. This is why they like to choose red or blue outfits, even for creating a street style.

We can see in the above image a nice combination of powerful colors, that come with the dresses, and some fashionable gold shoes.

But safety always come first, so don’t forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses, now that the weather had become sunny.

Gold ring designs for fashionable women

several rings on a woman's hand

Gold ring designs for fashionable women

As a woman, it’s impossible to not love gold ring designs. They move everybody’s attention to our hands, and they match every fashionable outfit. Gold is extremely luxurious.

A gold necklace can transform any clothing into a spectacular one. Statement necklaces are great to be matched with simple tops or dresses, so they can be the center of attention.

Women search for the most creative ring designs because they want to be unique and to shine in any occasion.

beautiful woman hand and a ring

Gold ring designs for fashionable women

I’m old-fashioned. I like to belong to only one woman. My woman

Romantic couple holding hands

Romantic couple holding hands

From all the couple images, this one is special because it shows a genuine smile on the girl’s face. Every man should think about making Her happy, this being a priority all the time. As a man, the best way to do that is to only belong to her. Old-fashioned men are amazing from this point of view.

People holding hands are not scared to express their love and show how much their care about one another.

So make somebody smile today, have fun together and be there then they need you. That would be a great gift.