Nothing beats style

You can take anything from a woman but not her style. Of course, these gorgeous Louboutine shoes and Louis Vuitton bag make every woman stand out, and they certainly enhance her beauty. Moreover, this nude color goes with everything. I can’t wait for the summer to come! :)

LV Louis Vuitton louboutin shoes bag

All you need is love… and a pet

The winter season comes with a great variety of clothing options. I have to admit that jackets with fur are one of my favorite outfits and I am always eager to wear it in the cold days. What about you? What is your favorite winter item that you can’t wait to wear in the cold season?

P.S.: This baby husky makes everybody’s day brighter. I hope yours is better now too.

fashion woman husky cute beautiful

Blue is the color of my soul

I believe every woman would look gorgeous by wearing an intense blue color. A strong and vibrant color gives you energy and makes you feel confident wherever you are. You have the world at your feet and you know it.

blue girl fashion beautiful

@anyuta_rai shot by @butenecmaria

Rise and Shine, Darling

Get out of the bed and make this day a special one. Open the windows and drink your flavored coffee while enjoying the perfect view.

The morning seems a little bit brighter now, isn’t it? :)

fashion morning girl


Glamorous winter days

You can wash away the grey of long winter days with a chic fur that would make everybody envy you. A stylish design and a glass of wine can be everything that you need for you to have the greatest moments, while loving every second of being YOU.

fur fashion woman beautiful louis vuitton