When Your Outfit is Black or White, Make Sure That You Live in Color


Black and white dresses.

People say “keep it simple” to have the best results. In this case, wearing a black or white outfit would be the perfect way of making it through the day while looking amazing, and without actually showing that you struggled to look that way. Match your outfit with a high quality gold accessory and you’ll be admired by everyone around you. Not to mention that high heels are a must. A lady should feel empowered the moment she leaves the house, and heels always do the trick.

A black outfit makes you bold and mysterious. A white one comes with an innocent and classy touch. What do you choose?

Every woman deserves to be told that she’s beautiful

Woman with a flower background

Every woman deserves to be told that she’s beautiful

What is beauty after all? Does the outside matter the most? Does the true beauty come from inside? We believe the truth is somehow in between of those two. We cannot be beautiful without showing affection and kindness to others, because beauty is not something frigid and cold, it’s radiant and generates warm feelings around it.

On the other hand, taking care of your look is a matter of respect… for you and for others. Spoil yourself with long baths and scented creams that will make your skin smile.

Play with makeup shades and create the glowing aspect that fits you the most. You have the power to look exactly the way you want: natural, bold, seductive, you name it.

But don’t forget to always be YOU!

In every woman there is a queen


The best way to feel like a queen is to dress accordingly. Searching for the perfect dress can be a difficult task but once you’ve find it, you will be the center of attention everywhere you go. Use an intense red lipstick and a pair of high heels, and you are ready to parade to your next luxurious gathering.

And don’t forget: in every woman there is a queen. You just need to discover it. I wish you good luck!

5 Great Elegant Hats You Should Wear This Spring

You can’t consider yourself a true lady until you have worn an elegant hat at least once. The classic look it gives you have a powerful impact on the way you feel and act in that outfit. Young women embrace this look more and more often, and they make it part of their everyday accessory.

Luxury hats remind us of 1960’s fashion trends which were full of femininity, women were charming, and style was a must. Now, women rediscovered the pleasure of seducing men with their grace, and a hat can be the perfect element of seduction. It gives you a mysterious look, enough to make every man be interested in discovering you.

Which one of these elegant hats would you choose to mesmerize your exterior in a glamorous way?

1. Simple and Chic.

hat woman prada image

2. Colorful and playful.

hat woman image pink

3. Sophisticated neutral color.

hat woman image beautiful

4. Fancy and whimsical.

hat woman image beautiful

5. Glamorous and extravagant.

hat woman image beautiful rings

Are you ready for a magnificent first day of spring?

I know we all crave for the warm season, so the beginning of March is the perfect time to stop whatever you’re doing and take a look of how beautiful the nature is becoming. Not to mention the endless fashion possibilities that we’ll have with the first ray of sun shine that paints this spring.

spring, woman, beautiful

All you need is love… and a pet

The winter season comes with a great variety of clothing options. I have to admit that jackets with fur are one of my favorite outfits and I am always eager to wear it in the cold days. What about you? What is your favorite winter item that you can’t wait to wear in the cold season?

P.S.: This baby husky makes everybody’s day brighter. I hope yours is better now too.

fashion woman husky cute beautiful

Blue is the color of my soul

I believe every woman would look gorgeous by wearing an intense blue color. A strong and vibrant color gives you energy and makes you feel confident wherever you are. You have the world at your feet and you know it.

blue girl fashion beautiful

@anyuta_rai shot by @butenecmaria

Glamorous winter days

You can wash away the grey of long winter days with a chic fur that would make everybody envy you. A stylish design and a glass of wine can be everything that you need for you to have the greatest moments, while loving every second of being YOU.

fur fashion woman beautiful louis vuitton