Color match your clothes like an expert for a fabulous result


Blue outfit and high heels

I recently discovered how important it is to perfectly match the colors of your clothing. It’s easy to spoil the perfect result by using different shades of the same color for every item of your outfit. In the end, it will look like something isn’t working, and you don’t know exactly what and why.

The key is to use white or black and only one bold color that makes your features stand out. For example, if you are blonde, go for the deeper bold blue tops, and white skirt or pants. In this case, the shoes should be the same color of blue, and your bag should be white, so you’ll have a balanced white and color amount of items. Imagine the same outfit with turquoise shoes and maybe a very light shade of blue clutch. There would be too much gap between your clothing items, making you look flat.

What color do you wear most often?


Blue is the color of my soul

I believe every woman would look gorgeous by wearing an intense blue color. A strong and vibrant color gives you energy and makes you feel confident wherever you are. You have the world at your feet and you know it.

blue girl fashion beautiful

@anyuta_rai shot by @butenecmaria