The Best Color in the World is the One That Looks Good on You

Blue dress sandals bag fashion

Blue dress and a beautiful pair of matching sandals

I don’t know about you but I am already thinking about the summer days, and the lovely clothing that I will wear. The blue dress and sandals in the above picture present a marvelous example of how important is to perfectly match the colors of your outfit (as I was mentioning here).

Those tanned legs remind me of the holiday mood and energy we all have when we see the sun shining bright. I can’t wait for the summer to come. Every item that we wear looks much better on a glowing skin. Until then, we can only dream about the warm days and the perfect outfit.

Remember to stay classy and fabulous!

Today Is Your Day. Make It Worth Remembering


Sophisticated outfit including: a white blouse, boots, a hat, and sunglasses.

We all had out ups and downs but today feels like a day in which we could do more. We can leave technology for a couple of hours at least and just enjoy the sky, the sun, and everything beautiful that surrounds us and we haven’t noticed it recently.

I actually write this post at 5 a.m. and I find myself hearing a bird singing. A really nice and inspiring moment for me. It already feels like the warm days are coming, and I am waiting for them with my arms wide open.

I want to see flowers everywhere, and wear the clothes I’ve been avoiding all winter; plus the leather boots, the fancy hat, the sunglasses and I’m ready to go. And I don’t need to arrive anywhere. I like to just wander the streets, seeing stuff that people are too busy to see. Do you remember this feeling? Of freedom and happiness within yourself. Why not feel it more often? Well, this is my new goal for now… to be happy. What’s yours?

The #1 Rule of a Lady: Stay Classy


White Coco Chanel bag with a matching outfit

When in doubt, wear Chanel. I believe that this should be a well known statement among women. Nothing says style and elegance more than a Coco Chanel sophisticated bag. Moreover, white is a great color for it, especially when you have a similar outfit. I already dream about the summer days in which I can get a beautiful tan and wear clothes that emphasize my glowing look.

Until then, I wish you all a great week! Don’t forget to stay classy… but most of all you should stay exactly how you are.

Life is short, buy the watch


Spring watches collection.

Watches are the most commented subject of these days. After Apple released their collection of fashionable smartwatches, everybody put into focus the luxury features that the product has, and how important (or not) they are for the customer.

However, if you are not that into technology but you want to wear a true jewelry on your hand, I recommend you try some beautiful and chic accessories such as ladies watches (see above). Their color and floral pattern makes your outfit look refreshing and feminine.

The designer watches for women are an interesting alternative. In this regard, Michael Kors presents a fabulous collection of white and gold watches for women that are getting notoriously sophisticated about luxury brands and their technical aspects.

But in the end, the most important thing is to find a watch that fits you. This way it will certainly enhance your glamorous side!

The Perfect Accessory for an Outfit? High Stockings with a Sexy Twist

stockings, high, sexy

If you’ve never worn high stockings, you should know their can be a little bit intimidating. However, if you decide to wear a pair, you will certainly feel like all the eyes are on you. High socks catch the eye of everybody basically. The good part? You’ll feel very sexy and desired. Even if you wear them with a longer dress that covers the top of the socks, your mind will continue to think how amazingly sexy you are in that moment. You have an air of mystery and this will makes men crazy about you.

Which one of the following would you wear?

tights sexy pantyhose high stockings bow


tights sexy pantyhose high stockings bow

tights sexy pantyhose high stockings

When in doubt wear red

Are you a passionate, loving and desired woman? Than you definitely love to wear red. Red is inherently exciting and naturally and naturally draws attention. And we adore to be watched and admired, aren’t we?

red winter fashion

All you need is love… and a pet

The winter season comes with a great variety of clothing options. I have to admit that jackets with fur are one of my favorite outfits and I am always eager to wear it in the cold days. What about you? What is your favorite winter item that you can’t wait to wear in the cold season?

P.S.: This baby husky makes everybody’s day brighter. I hope yours is better now too.

fashion woman husky cute beautiful

Blue is the color of my soul

I believe every woman would look gorgeous by wearing an intense blue color. A strong and vibrant color gives you energy and makes you feel confident wherever you are. You have the world at your feet and you know it.

blue girl fashion beautiful

@anyuta_rai shot by @butenecmaria

Rise and Shine, Darling

Get out of the bed and make this day a special one. Open the windows and drink your flavored coffee while enjoying the perfect view.

The morning seems a little bit brighter now, isn’t it? :)

fashion morning girl