Today Is Your Day. Make It Worth Remembering


Sophisticated outfit including: a white blouse, boots, a hat, and sunglasses.

We all had out ups and downs but today feels like a day in which we could do more. We can leave technology for a couple of hours at least and just enjoy the sky, the sun, and everything beautiful that surrounds us and we haven’t noticed it recently.

I actually write this post at 5 a.m. and I find myself hearing a bird singing. A really nice and inspiring moment for me. It already feels like the warm days are coming, and I am waiting for them with my arms wide open.

I want to see flowers everywhere, and wear the clothes I’ve been avoiding all winter; plus the leather boots, the fancy hat, the sunglasses and I’m ready to go. And I don’t need to arrive anywhere. I like to just wander the streets, seeing stuff that people are too busy to see. Do you remember this feeling? Of freedom and happiness within yourself. Why not feel it more often? Well, this is my new goal for now… to be happy. What’s yours?

5 Great Elegant Hats You Should Wear This Spring

You can’t consider yourself a true lady until you have worn an elegant hat at least once. The classic look it gives you have a powerful impact on the way you feel and act in that outfit. Young women embrace this look more and more often, and they make it part of their everyday accessory.

Luxury hats remind us of 1960’s fashion trends which were full of femininity, women were charming, and style was a must. Now, women rediscovered the pleasure of seducing men with their grace, and a hat can be the perfect element of seduction. It gives you a mysterious look, enough to make every man be interested in discovering you.

Which one of these elegant hats would you choose to mesmerize your exterior in a glamorous way?

1. Simple and Chic.

hat woman prada image

2. Colorful and playful.

hat woman image pink

3. Sophisticated neutral color.

hat woman image beautiful

4. Fancy and whimsical.

hat woman image beautiful

5. Glamorous and extravagant.

hat woman image beautiful rings