Midi Skirt With A Floral Touch

Woman weaing a midi skirt with a floral touch

Midi skirt with a floral touch

You cannot go wrong with a trendy midi skirt, especially if it has a fancy floral detail like the one above. This lady look is great for most of the occasions: a cocktail party, a dinner party, a business or company party.

High waisted skirts are advantageous for short girls that wish to look taller. The high heeled shoes have the same effect, especially if they come in a nude color.

In these times, knee length skirt seems to be one of the most appreciated fashion item. We almost never see girls wearing mini skirts nowadays, and maxi dresses are usually too elegant for daily wear.

So what kind of skirt do you like most?

Crop Tops And Tight Skirts Are A Must-Have This Year

Women wearing cropped tops and tight skirts

Crop tops and tight skirts.

I know it sounds silly but I’ve just discovered this kind of outfit. I’ve seen other girls wear it, I admired them, but I never worn cropped tops paired with tight skirts. Now that I did it, I cannot wait for the warm days to come so I can wear it more often. An outfit like this is extremely sexy, and we become aware of it instantly.

High waisted skirts are amazing! They make our legs look longer, and our entire body becomes very well proportioned. Almost surreal. Of course, we need to take care of our body first and remember to eat healthy meals too (at least from time to time). This is another thing I discovered: how much I like vegan food and how great it tastes. Even the one that is raw vegan. But this is another subject that we’ll discuss another time.

Which of the three outfits do you like most?