Every woman deserves to be told that she’s beautiful

Woman with a flower background

Every woman deserves to be told that she’s beautiful

What is beauty after all? Does the outside matter the most? Does the true beauty come from inside? We believe the truth is somehow in between of those two. We cannot be beautiful without showing affection and kindness to others, because beauty is not something frigid and cold, it’s radiant and generates warm feelings around it.

On the other hand, taking care of your look is a matter of respect… for you and for others. Spoil yourself with long baths and scented creams that will make your skin smile.

Play with makeup shades and create the glowing aspect that fits you the most. You have the power to look exactly the way you want: natural, bold, seductive, you name it.

But don’t forget to always be YOU!

The perfect dress for this spring

Black and red dress

I know it’s just the beginning of spring but I am enthusiastic about wearing floral dresses and having the rays of sun warming my skin. Until then, I chose this long sleeve dress to represent spring so it may come earlier. The red and black colors create a magnificent pattern. It expresses passion and sophistication in the same time, while the bow makes the dress playful and childish. I consider it worthy of attention and I sincerely say that I would love to wear it as soon as possible.

Remember to keep your soul young and alive!

Are you ready for a magnificent first day of spring?

I know we all crave for the warm season, so the beginning of March is the perfect time to stop whatever you’re doing and take a look of how beautiful the nature is becoming. Not to mention the endless fashion possibilities that we’ll have with the first ray of sun shine that paints this spring.

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