Fashion and You, Best Served Stylish

Fashion and you, model

Stylish model wearing an elegant dress

Fashion and you, always going along well and never apart. This is the story that all of us fashionistas live. Every day is a new challenge to wear the best outfit we can find. This is not a complain though, because we wouldn’t want to change a thing.

An elegant dress, a pair of daring high heels, statement accessories, a red lipstick, and we are ready to start the day. Our hair must be perfect too, of course. Curly or straight, blonde or brunette, it’s up to us. It’s an everyday journey in which we find out how to feel and look amazing. Don’t forget to have fun too on the way!

The Best Color in the World is the One That Looks Good on You

Blue dress sandals bag fashion

Blue dress and a beautiful pair of matching sandals

I don’t know about you but I am already thinking about the summer days, and the lovely clothing that I will wear. The blue dress and sandals in the above picture present a marvelous example of how important is to perfectly match the colors of your outfit (as I was mentioning here).

Those tanned legs remind me of the holiday mood and energy we all have when we see the sun shining bright. I can’t wait for the summer to come. Every item that we wear looks much better on a glowing skin. Until then, we can only dream about the warm days and the perfect outfit.

Remember to stay classy and fabulous!

The #1 Rule of a Lady: Stay Classy


White Coco Chanel bag with a matching outfit

When in doubt, wear Chanel. I believe that this should be a well known statement among women. Nothing says style and elegance more than a Coco Chanel sophisticated bag. Moreover, white is a great color for it, especially when you have a similar outfit. I already dream about the summer days in which I can get a beautiful tan and wear clothes that emphasize my glowing look.

Until then, I wish you all a great week! Don’t forget to stay classy… but most of all you should stay exactly how you are.

Every woman deserves to be told that she’s beautiful

Woman with a flower background

Every woman deserves to be told that she’s beautiful

What is beauty after all? Does the outside matter the most? Does the true beauty come from inside? We believe the truth is somehow in between of those two. We cannot be beautiful without showing affection and kindness to others, because beauty is not something frigid and cold, it’s radiant and generates warm feelings around it.

On the other hand, taking care of your look is a matter of respect… for you and for others. Spoil yourself with long baths and scented creams that will make your skin smile.

Play with makeup shades and create the glowing aspect that fits you the most. You have the power to look exactly the way you want: natural, bold, seductive, you name it.

But don’t forget to always be YOU!

Color match your clothes like an expert for a fabulous result


Blue outfit and high heels

I recently discovered how important it is to perfectly match the colors of your clothing. It’s easy to spoil the perfect result by using different shades of the same color for every item of your outfit. In the end, it will look like something isn’t working, and you don’t know exactly what and why.

The key is to use white or black and only one bold color that makes your features stand out. For example, if you are blonde, go for the deeper bold blue tops, and white skirt or pants. In this case, the shoes should be the same color of blue, and your bag should be white, so you’ll have a balanced white and color amount of items. Imagine the same outfit with turquoise shoes and maybe a very light shade of blue clutch. There would be too much gap between your clothing items, making you look flat.

What color do you wear most often?


How the Perfect Outfit Can Lift Your Mood

woman outfit spring scarf

Fashionable woman wearing an elegant jacket, scarf, bag, and heels.

We all know that, sometimes, going to work and having a busy schedule have a direct impact on us and make us care less about the way we look. Why do we think this should be avoided at all cost? We consider that our daily mood is set by the clothes we’re wearing, by how beautiful and confident we feel in every moment, and this can easily be changed with an extra care for how we want to look in the morning, after we drink our flavored coffee.

For me, starting the day in the right way has a huge impact on how the day will continue. I choose the clothes that I find appropriate in that moment, and if I am not satisfied with my choice after a while, I become irritated and uncomfortable without even realizing the cause. Additionally, the makeup and how great (or not) my hair seems to look in that day have consequence on my entire disposition. I know it sounds weird but try to think about a day in which you were generally angry, without actually having a reason, and see if it was the same day in which your look was not at its best.

So, for my own good (and others, unfortunately), when I feel that my outfit is not elegant enough or doesn’t stand out in any way, I put on a great pair of high-heels (my new favorites being stiletto shoes), and now the day seems far better. Even statistics have shown that the higher the heel, the higher the confidence a woman has. Moreover, men are the first ones that appreciate a nice pair of heels. It’s impossible not to receive compliments just by wearing some that are classy and elegant.

What we recommend: Wear a vivid color pair of shoes (fuchsia, for example) with a neutral color outfit such as blue or dark jeans and a white shirt. It will make your entire appearance look more sophisticated and bold, without being too much. Some matching color accessories and you are ready to start a fresh and awesome day. Now you can rule the world, darling!

Pair of women shoes

8 Stunning Red Dresses for Confident Women


You can’t go wrong with red. Passion, love, and amazing charm. This is what you say just by wearing the color of intensity and excitement, the color of attention-getting, which should be worn with pride and confidence. A bold outfit is a must in our wardrobe for the moments in which we want to be the queen of a party or an event.

Because it’s such a strong color, it has a powerful effect upon others. It catches the eyes of people around you even when you don’t mean to do that. Not to mention that psychological studies have shown that men are more attracted to women in red, while being unaware of this fact. Use it wisely.








In every woman there is a queen


The best way to feel like a queen is to dress accordingly. Searching for the perfect dress can be a difficult task but once you’ve find it, you will be the center of attention everywhere you go. Use an intense red lipstick and a pair of high heels, and you are ready to parade to your next luxurious gathering.

And don’t forget: in every woman there is a queen. You just need to discover it. I wish you good luck!

20 Ways To Know You’re Dating A True Gentleman

woman man wine elegant

For all the men out there, here are some rules you cannot miss if you want to be a classy gentleman:

  1. Be a good listener.
  2. Tell her you love her before before she sleeps every night.
  3. Always be the stronger one.
  4. Call her beautiful, especially when she least expects it.
  5. Accept her for who she is.
  6. Pay for dinner.
  7. Unexpected surprises.
  8. Knows when to call her sexy, and when to let her know she’s beautiful.
  9. Don’t swear.
  10. Respect her.
  11. If you get in a fight with her and she starts crying, just stop and hold her.
  12. Never talk about other girls in front of her.
  13. If you love her, show her, not your friends.
  14. Let her fall asleep in your arms.
  15. When she’s fighting with someone, defend her even when you don’t think she’s right.
  16. Never lie to her, she’ll find out.
  17. Look her in the eyes.
  18. Kiss her when she’s sleeping.
  19. If she’s still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk.
  20. Just show her that you care.

man woman couple elegant

5 Great Elegant Hats You Should Wear This Spring

You can’t consider yourself a true lady until you have worn an elegant hat at least once. The classic look it gives you have a powerful impact on the way you feel and act in that outfit. Young women embrace this look more and more often, and they make it part of their everyday accessory.

Luxury hats remind us of 1960’s fashion trends which were full of femininity, women were charming, and style was a must. Now, women rediscovered the pleasure of seducing men with their grace, and a hat can be the perfect element of seduction. It gives you a mysterious look, enough to make every man be interested in discovering you.

Which one of these elegant hats would you choose to mesmerize your exterior in a glamorous way?

1. Simple and Chic.

hat woman prada image

2. Colorful and playful.

hat woman image pink

3. Sophisticated neutral color.

hat woman image beautiful

4. Fancy and whimsical.

hat woman image beautiful

5. Glamorous and extravagant.

hat woman image beautiful rings